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Rod Harris - Chameleon cd Rod- “Citizen Of The World” 
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1 to 2 Minute Samples:
Citizen Of The World Citizen Of The World
Astrid Astrid
Azucar en mi Cafe' Azucar en mi Cafe'

This new music project represents thoughts and inspiration of a beautiful world God has created, along with admiration and intrigue of instruments and rhythms woven in various cultures from around the world. We can easily be overwhelmed by the turmoil and chaos happening all over our world today, so feel free to use this as a soundtrack for your escape. No passport needed, just allow your mind to drift and imagine breathtaking destinations to find an escape, peace and tranquility. Please enjoy. (Jazz, World, Instrumentals).

As you listen to this project, you will hear live instruments from all over the world such as the Djembe from Mali & Guinea, the Udu from Nigeria, the Kalimba/Lamellophone from Zimbabwe, the Dholak, Dafli, Tabla & Sitar from India, the Claves, Bongos, Timbales & Congas from Cuba, the Bomba from Puerto Rico, the Marimba, Maracas, Zabumba & Tamborim from Portugal, the Bendir, Tar, Tumata & Darbuka from Morocco, the Ney from Persia, the Cajon from Peru, Didgeridoo from Australia (Aborigines), the Shakuhachi, Sho, & Koto from Japan, the Taiko & Tsuzumi from China, the Timpani from Europe/Italy, & various other drums, cowbells, tambourines & shakers picked up from my travels.

Rod Harris - Chameleon cd Rod- “Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack of My Escape” BOOK
Paperback  $15.99
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This songwriter/musician/producer follows the advice of his psychologist by discovering and then writing the unfiltered lyrics composed by his own life--his family, his choices, and his fear. By asking thought provoking questions and examining the root cause of why our Plan B often becomes our Plan A, Rod begins to balance facing
the enemy of fear and finding inner peace. This ultimately fuels an on-going battle of depression that had been hidden to many, Rod shares with the reader the various components that created a musician who has mastered multiple instruments, written numerous songs of different genres for many artists, and has been successful by the world’s standards, yet isolates himself as much as possible. Rod takes a hard look at himself as a man, a Christian, a musician, a songwriter, a husband, and a father. Journey with him as he longs to travel in peace utilizing his spiritual compass.

Rod Harris - Chameleon cd rodaloa- "Balance"
2017 Release Date TBD

Coming in 2017

Rod Harris - Chameleon cd Rod- “Travel in Peace”  CD   
1 to 2 Minute Samples:
Todavia estoy en busca de ella Todavia estoy en busca de ella    Everybody go Everybody go
Momentary lapse of reason Momentary lapse of reason

Choose to experience a stimulating journey through music designed to assist visually your travels around the world, including stops to the Rainforest of Costa Rica, the parades of Rio de Janeiro, the shores of the Caribbean, dine in Paris, the cathedrals of Spain, dancing in Amsterdam, over the castles of England, rest in the gardens of Geneva and walk the streets of America among various other locations. A dream vacation with exotic and peaceful destinations, soothing melodies, tantalizing rhythms, to refresh the mind, body and spirit, that's destined to be the soundtrack for your escape; Please except the invitation to Travel in Peace.

Rod Harris - Chameleon cd Aloa Harris- “Portraits From A Storm”  
CD  $13.97
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1 to 2 Minute Samples:
Disconnected Au Natural    In My Storm Get Up
Pass The Word Lost    The Struggle Fly

Aloa Harris' "Portraits From A Storm" received 3 nominations from the 2010 Marlin Awards held in Nassau, Bahamas on October 30th:
Jazz Recording of the Year for "I'll Wait for You (Part 1 & 2)"
Reggae/Pop Recording of the Year for "Pass the Word (feat Monty G)"
Instrumental recording of the Year for "Still Waiting"

**"Still Waiting" from Aloa Harris' "Portraits From A Storm" received Instrumental Song of the Year at the 2010 Marlin Awards held in Nassau, Bahamas on October 30th.**

Aloa Harris - By The Book cd Aloa Harris- “By The Book- (Inspired Musical Translation)”
CD  $13.97
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1 to 2 minute Samples:
Make A Joyful Noise Make A Joyful Noise    This Is My Story This Is My Story
Faith Faith    More Than You Know More Than You Know

**2 nominations by 2006 Caribbean Marlin Gospel Music Awards!!**
Faith - Pop/Rock Performance of the Year
If Any Man - Jazz Performance of the Year - WINNER!

“Are you sure this is Gospel Music?”, I’ve never heard Christian Music like this before”, “This can’t be Gospel”, “Wow, how did they come up with this?”, “Yolanda Adams meets Sade with a kick” are all quotes from those who have experienced “By The Book”.

Aloa Harris, a native of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas who delivers a vocal performance that is in a class all her own, and who clearly shares her gift from God.

This long awaited debut album was written and produced by Aloa’s husband/artist “rod” as a collection of songs deriving directly from scripture, geared as a witnessing tool that was designed for those who wouldn’t normally pick up a Christian product. So please feel free to groove, relax, chill, dance and praise, and you will. We’ve all been waiting for Aloa Harris, -you “Go Therefore” girl. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Rod Harris - Chameleon cd Rod- “Chameleon”
CD $11.99
Download $11.99
1 to 2 Minute Samples:
Au Natural Au Natural    Get Up Get Up
Lost Lost    Fly Fly

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