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Rod Harris - Travel In Peace
Travel In Peace
Book & Soundtrack

A Spiritual Journey to Find Inner Peace

DALLAS (March 24, 2014) — Why does someone’s plan B often become plan A? This is the question at the center of Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack of My Escape. By finding the root cause of why passion (plan A) is often left behind for security (plan B), Rod Harris begins to reconcile his fears and find inner peace. In his debut novel, Rod shares his journey through life and around the globe with his spiritual compass as a guide. Travel in Peace is available everywhere books are sold.

When he was younger, Rod Harris was told he needed a plan B in case his dreams of a creative career in the music industry were not fruitful. He held on to those words and allowed them to paralyze him for years, causing him to travel a path crowded with regret.  His fear of failure caused him to withdraw from fully pursuing his passion and instead led him to climb the corporate ladder as a successful executive, his plan B.
At the suggestion of a therapist, Rod traces his bouts with depression and suicide in the book, and he pinpoints the significant turning points in his life that led him further away from his ultimate destination of peace. Travel in Peace documents Rod’s inner conflict as he travels through life trying to overcome his fear, fulfill his passion for music and trust in God’s plan for his life.

Travel in Peace follows Rod’s childhood in Compton, California, his move to Europe as a young adult and his subsequent return to the United States. Rod writes about the experiences in his life that have had the most influence on him, like his strong religious upbringing, love of music, unhealthy relationships and world travels. Interwoven in the pages of the novel are songs written during different phases of Rod’s life to show how those experiences transformed him creatively and personally.

Rod has also penned an accompanying soundtrack called Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack for Your Escape. Both the novel and soundtrack refresh the mind, body and spirit. Rod’s personal rejuvenation in the novel helps readers identify and ponder their own fears and find their own unique path to inner serenity. The soundtrack, a compilation of relaxing songs with instruments from all over the world, is refreshing, revitalizing and inspirational–a perfect mix for anyone seeking peace through music.

About the Author

Rod Harris is a songwriter, musician and producer originally from the Los Angeles area who later migrated to London, England. He has played, written, and produced music for a host of established artists. In 2000, Rod established the music production company Sirrah Music International (SMI), which has offices in California, Texas, London and the Bahamas. Rod currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and Travel in Peace is his first book.

Rod Harris - Chameleon cdFrom Cross Rhythms, issue 73, Mar/Apr 2003 (

6718 Sirrah Productions Book (Spirit Music)

What do you call a man with a fishing line on his head? Rod! I am always a little suspicious and think there's something deliberately enigmatic about using just one name to identify yourself as an artist. But here's Rod Harris, a West Coaster whose album is well named for musical "Chameleon" is exactly what he is. Playing many instruments himself and clearly a gifted keyboard player and soulful singer, this falls mainly into the soul arena with touches of pop, rock, gospel and jazz adding their influences along the way. There are instrumental pieces blended into the mix and the result is gorgeous. What grabs me? There's the understated R&B jazz fusion of "Fly" and the unusual groove of "I Need You" with a guest vocal appearance from one Yulanda Bell who does a great job. "Get Up" is probably my favorite with its clean R&B feel and then there's the frankly funky "The Church". There are a couple of moments that mar the proceedings. The closing gospel song "A Surrendered Life" is a bit wobbly but the biggest culprit is "She". It's a spoken story which I guess is meant to be clever, telling about Rod meeting a beautiful woman in a café and trying to pick her up. And it turns out to be his wife. Big joke huh? And totally obvious but hey! Even geniuses obviously have their off days. Having said that, in every batch of CDs that I review, there are always a couple of albums that stand out way above the rest and this is definitely one of them. Rod is beyond categorization.

Rod Harris - Chameleon cdFrom 2 Walls Webzine (

Chameleon (2002)

Review by: Mike Spinney
Date: 3/15/05

Solid funk, R&B, and rock licks – with a touch of gospel thrown in for good measure – characterize Chameleon, a 2002 release by one-named artist Rod. It’s an upbeat mix of eclectic musical influences that is as smooth as a velvet fedora.

From the first cut through the last, moody keyboards and understated guitar work, punctuated by thumb-thumping bass envelop Rod’s excellent vocal work, reminiscent of Terrence Trent D’Arby before that promising artist slipped into delusional obscurity.

Taking Chameleon for a spin will cause the listener to be transported back to the late 70s, when cool R&B was in its heyday. I imagine tooling around town in my Ford LTD, a few hand sweeps either side of midnight, radio tuned to the far end of the FM dial while some ultra-hip disc jockey introduces cut after cut from the album.

Tracks 4 (Fly), 5 (I need You), 8 (The Day that My Heart Lied to Me), 12 (Fine’), 15 (Why), and 17 (A Surrendered Life) offer not only the strongest selections on the album, but also the full range of styles that Rod has blended on the album.

Cut 6 (She) is an O. Henry-esque spoken-word narrative that came off a little cornball at first, but after going through the disc a few times, I found it had grown on me. I now take it as one of seventeen pieces to a complex musical puzzle that is worth the time to assemble. Once finished, the listener will have a complete, artful picture in song and note.

Aloa Harris - By The Book cdFrom Cross Rhythms (

Aloa Harris
By The Book (2005)

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Reviewed by Simon Eden

To classify this album as just R&B is misleading, as it contains a wide assortment of music styles. There is old time gospel mixed with soul, jazz with funk, rock with blues and even scat (jazz style vocals without words). Just when you thought you knew what to expect, Aloa manages to break the mould and breaks free of being labeled. This is her debut release that has been produced by her husband Rod who is also credited with piano, all other keys, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, kitchen sink, and background vocals. I wonder if he plays them all at the same time live? Aloa only did the lead and background vocals. To prove her brains alongside her strikingly beautiful model looks she has just received a certificate in Christian Ministry from Hope International University. Aloa and Rod clearly make a synergistic combination, as Aloa has generally written the lyrics whilst Rod wrote the music. Aloa is a native of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, who migrated to the United States as a child, and like many gospel artists learned her vocal talents growing up in the church. The funky bass lines excel throughout the album and are contrasted with the soulful rhythm guitar on the track "Give Me A Drink" inspired by the Biblical story of the woman at the well in John 4. This album reflects a formidably talented couple.

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